Reproduction eggs and Taxidermy.

We get asked to recommend Bird Taxidermists in the UK and America. This craftsman produces modern egg creations, given that it is now illeagal to collect birds eggs from the wild and also to sell Victorian taxidermy cases that contain real eggs. Therefore for taxidermists to create modern dioramas that contain eggs, reproductions eggs are the only way to achieve this result. However they are life like, we hope you enjoy this page.

Graham Axon over the years has developed a distinctive style of creating these eggs. Each egg is meticulously observed in terms of size and dimensions. An exact plasticene replica of the subject matter is created by hand. This replica is then placed in the fridge to harden the shape off , prior to creating a mould from it. Please remember that these eggs are NOT real but copied to perfectrion by perhaps the best proponent at this art form

A 2mm hollow resin replica is then created from the mould and then hand painted a hole is then drilled into the side of the hollow form to allow gases to escape and stop the reproduction egg from splitting. By creating hollow eggs this allows light to partly diffuse through the membrane / shell, making them more like the real thing, unlike those made from either wood or plaster which look solid and thereore dull. The difference between Graham’s eggs and the real thing is that they tear, instead of shattering when hit hard.
Graham then uses wildlife pictures and or old Victorian egg collections loaned by museums to finish the replicas off to the exact colours required. These eggs are then used by the Taxidermy trade to create more realistic wildlife scenes.Below are some examples of his work.

Museum eggs copied by Graham Axon. One tray of eggs are the real ones that date from 1870’s and the other are Graham’s modern copies. Can you tell which are which?. Some of the species listed above are Choughs, Black Throated Diver, Red Throated Diver, Jacana’s (Lillytrotters), Puffin, Sandwich Tern, Lapwing, Redhank and Woodcock.

Pair of Ringed Plovers with eggs. Victorian case. These eggs are real and are for comparison only. It is permitted to keep these cases in the UK, providing that it can be proved that the case was produced before 1947. The sale of real eggs in the UK however is illeagal and rightly so. This is why artist such as Graham produce these items, which is far more preferable than taking actual birds eggs from the wild.

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The Meanings Of The Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been since ever a sign for some meaning that was linked with it. The meaning of Tattoos can be of spiritual nature but can also be a sign of strength or power, harmony and other qualities.

This is a list of the most popular tattoo designs and their meanings:

Anchor tattoo meaning: Safety, hope and salvation.

Angel tattoo meaning: Protection, guardians, keepers of dreams

Bat tattoo meaning: Longevity, happiness, mystery.

Bear tattoo meaning: Good nature, good luck, also ignorance.

Bird tattoo meaning: Birth, intuition, freedom.

Bull tattoo meaning: Fertility, power and strength.

Butterfly tattoo meaning: Spiritual immortality, temporary element of life.

Cat tattoo meaning: Linked to magic and bad omens.

Centaur tattoo meaning: Knowledge and nature, spirit of womanhood.

Chain tattoo meaning: If broken – freedom. If intact-slavery.

Clown tattoo meaning: Laughter, tears, uncertainties.

Clover tattoo meaning: Good luck.

Crescent moon tattoo meaning: Transformation and rebirth. Feminine power

Cross tattoo meaning: Sacrifice, love and salvation.

Crow tattoo meaning: Revival, Gods messenger.
Devil(baby)tattoo meaning: Mischievousness, urgent desire for sex.

Dog tattoo meaning: Man’s best friend, loyalty, trustworthiness.

Dolphin tattoo meaning: Benefactor. The saviour’s emblem.

Dove tattoo meaning: Universal symbol of peace.


Dragon tattoo meaning: Strength, power. Rules over fire and air.

Dragonfly tattoo meaning: Affinity with the Spiritual Life. Illusion.

Eagle tattoo meaning: King of birds. Might, spiritual growth.

Eye tattoo meaning: Self protection. Ever watching!

Fairy tattoo meaning: Good or evil supernatural powers.

Feather tattoo meaning: Creativity, rebirth and spiritual elevation.

Fish tattoo meaning: Plentifulness, spiritual peace.

Frog tattoo meaning: Positive symbol of pregnancy.
Hawk tattoo(tribal) meaning: Self-discipline.

Heart tattoo meaning: Love, provided it is neither bloody nor torn into pieces.

Horse tattoo meaning: Friend to man, kingship.

Leaf tattoo meaning: Joy, rebirth

Lion tattoo meaning: Might, awareness, immortality, bravery.

Lizard tattoo meaning: Symbolises the soul searching for light.

Lotus tattoo meaning: If open symbolises the sun, if closed, the moon.

Mermaid tattoo meaning: Temptation, seduction, materialism

Monkey tattoo meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, or evil powers.

Moon tattoo meaning: Varied rhythms of life.

Phoenix tattoo meaning: Rebirth

Reaper tattoo meaning: Death

Rose tattoo meaning: Fertility.

Scarab tattoo meaning: Strength and rebirth.

Skull tattoo meaning: Courage, Death.

Snake tattoo meaning: Temptation, knowledge and wisdom.

Spider tattoo meaning: Creativity.

SpiderWeb tattoo meaning: Denial of established order. Beware!

Star tattoo meaning: Spirit, inspiration, resolution of problems.

Sun tattoo meaning: Sacredness of life. Warmth, nurturing.


Sword tattoo meaning: Represents justice, honour, energy.

Tiger tattoo meaning: Fierceness, strength and power.

Turtle tattoo meaning: Fertility, long life.

Unicorn tattoo meaning: Chastity and purity.

Wolf tattoo meaning: Faithfulness in marriage.

YinYang tattoo meaning: Harmony and totality.

Because of their meaning Tattoos are an expression of individuality and should be chosen carefully.

No one wants to be laughed at because he did not know the special meaning of some tattoo on his back.

Before you go to the last step make sure that your dream tattoo design is the right one for you!

My Tip for choosing the right tattoo for you: Browse through a lot of Tattoo Ideas and get inspired by your feelings! A huge gallery of tattoo designs that could inspire you, you can find here: