Incredible “Human Flowers” of Artist Cecelia Webber

When you first see the photos below, you will definitely think that they are colorful flower pictures. However, they are actually parts of unclothed human body. Artist Cecelia Webber has carefully taken photos of unclothed people and then transformed them into her beautiful floral creations. The artist had to spend up to two months photographing and hundreds of hours on her computer editing, cutting, rotating and coloring the bodies and limbs to create these amazing images. Cecilia has created many beautiful photos of flowers including blue bells, dandelions, maple leaves, sunflowers, cherry blossom and so on.

Artist Cecelia Webber is the owner of many incredible photos of flowers.

It is easy to realize a natural blue lilac in the photo. However, it is actually one among Webber’s works created from unclothed human bodies.

The photographic art form of an ink flower is made of various body part images

Cecelia Webber creates this stunning floral creation with inspiration from nature

Cecelia Webber was born in a forest town in Los Angeles, California and spent much of her childhood in fields catching orange salamanders.

The image of a dragon flower was created from various unclothed poses and stunning effect by artist Cecelia Webber

This beautiful cherry blossom was created from unclothed people and compute skills by talented artist Cecelia Webber.

Webber’s models posed carefully to create the shapes she needs. The artist hopes that her works will make people have different thought about nudity.

The artist wants to celebrate the beauty of the human body with these surprising unique “Human Flowers”



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