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Greg Weight and Lucy Culliton

LUCY CULLITON is a graphic designer turned successful painter. Her shows seem to always sell out and are ome of the most popular events at the infamous Ray Hughes Gallery in Sydney. Born in Sydney in 1966, she worked as a graphic designer for 10 years then studied at the National Art School in 1993–96. Her first solo exhibition was at Level Gallery, in Sydney in 1998. She lives and works in Little Hartley, NSW and Sydney. Here is photographer Greg Weight talking about her: “As a successful emerging artist who won the Mosman Art Prize in 2000, Lucy Culliton taught one class of life drawing and one class of painting each week at the National Art School in Sydney. The remaining four or five days were spent in her studio at Little Hartley, just over the Blue Mountains. She is a prolific painter, at times blocking in five to ten small canvases in an afternoon while chatting to her loving companions: three horses, three dogs, one cat, two rats, 40 mice, one dove, five finches, goldfish, dwarf green tree frogs and a rooster called April who has become the subject for her most recent body of work. “I’ve made him into a hen at times but he doesn’t know that,” Lucy said with a grin. “I’ll never have children – not that I don’t love kids,” she said, “it’s because I’m married to my art, there’s no time for anything else. When I finished art school other students were planning trips overseas or going on holidays. I just brought all my belongings home from art school to my little Surry Hills basement and the next day I started doing another painting.” Lucy’s 2002 exhibition at Ray Hughes Gallery in Sydney was a sell-out. There were 80 oil paintings of the mountain landscape outside her studio in that show. It is hard to imagine where the time and energy came from to produce the 50 “chook” paintings she has done since, not to mention the numerous water colours and drawings which were due for exhibition in 2003. Other shows in 2004 and each year since have also sold out. She has the enviable advantages of youth, inspiration and a supportive companion that will not let her down – her art. ” Greg Weight’s photographs can be seen at His book, Australian Artists may be purchased from Greg Weight Margaret Olley Australian Artists Lucy Culliton